In this post I will give some algorithm problem from Google OA as well as Leetcode and my thoughts on them.
Our main problem here will be the OA problem appeared in the OA practice of Google Intern 2020 Online Assesment.

Problem Description

You are given an array A representing heights of students. All the students are asked to stand in rows. The students arrive by one, sequentially (as their heights appear in A). For the i-th student, if there is a row in which all the students are taller than A[i], the student will stand in one of such rows. If there is no such row, the student will create a new row. Your task is to find the minimum number of rows created.

Write a function that, given a non-empty array A containing N integers, denoting the heights of the students, returns the minimum number of rows created.

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之前一段时间 P2P 理财还没有大面积暴雷的时候,斐讯这个臭名昭著的公司弄了个白手套联壁金融以投资送斐讯产品这样的巨大羊毛吸引了大量用户,本人也入了一波,之后还好几乎平稳下车。斐讯的大部分电子产品由于恩山论坛的存在有大量高手愿意去不断研究如何“刷机”甚至改硬件“硬改”的方式增强其产品的可玩性,因此本人也屯了两个斐讯 T1 的电视盒子在家里。其中一个就打算当作 Linux 小服务器来运行一些网络方面的应用。由于网上更多的教程是关于 N1 盒子的,本文不跟风,而是介绍自己折腾在 T1 上安装 Linux 的全过程。

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最近整理网盘文件以及家里自己部署的 NAS 时发现自己以前收藏了一些 offline 的字典文件,处于强迫症/数据洁癖打算清理一波没有用的。只留下最好的字典用于以后查阅使用,因此萌生了调查词典软件以及他们支持的格式的念头。本文主要调查中文社区使用的最流行的跨平台离线词典软件,包括 GoldenDict,灵格斯(Lingoes)词典,Mdict 以及欧陆词典,并进行对比提出自己的看法。

关键词: 词典, 应用, GoldenDict, Mdict, 欧陆词典, 灵格斯词典

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There are many public face datasets available on the Internet for reseach purposes at present. In this post, I collect most of them and give each of them a small desciption so that people can select the proper one quickly. Selecting and preprocessing the datasets properly can be critical to the performance and reliability of the results.

Keywords: face-recognition, dataset, VGG-Face, VGG-Face2, CASIA-WebFace, UMDFaces, MS-Celeb-1M, MegaFace

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工欲善其事必先利其器,对于把代码,环境搭得好不好,方不方便,会很大程度上影响到后续效率。由于有些不得已的情况必须在 Windows 下做开发以及嫌弃虚拟机性能问题以及方便性,经过摸爬滚打,本文总结了一套可以在 Windows 下开发 C/C++ 的轻巧(练习)开发环境。

关键词: Cmder, Visual Studio Code, MSYS2, MinGW, GIT, WSL, Cygwin, GDB, Clang, LLVM

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