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There are many public face datasets available on the Internet for reseach purposes at present. In this post, I collect most of them and give each of them a small desciption so that people can select the proper one quickly. Selecting and preprocessing the datasets properly can be critical to the performance and reliability of the results.

Keywords: face-recognition, dataset, VGG-Face, VGG-Face2, CASIA-WebFace, UMDFaces, MS-Celeb-1M, MegaFace

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工欲善其事必先利其器,对于把代码,环境搭得好不好,方不方便,会很大程度上影响到后续效率。由于有些不得已的情况必须在 Windows 下做开发以及嫌弃虚拟机性能问题以及方便性,经过摸爬滚打,本文总结了一套可以在 Windows 下开发 C/C++ 的轻巧(练习)开发环境。

关键词: Cmder, Visual Studio Code, MSYS2, MinGW, GIT, WSL, Cygwin, GDB, Clang, LLVM

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